Why are you tired all the time? Why does it seem like you aren’t recovering like you used to? And no, you’re not just getting older! Sometimes we need to take a closer look at what is going on with your body chemistry in order to get the complete picture of an injury.

Often times we think of blood tests and blood work should be used only when we are sick or have a medical problem. The reality is that this is simply a reactive instead of proactive approach.  Our blood can tell us a great deal of whether or not our body is functioning and recovering at an optimal level or merely just getting by. Now athletes as well as every day people who are active can utilize blood testing for optimal athletic performance as well as healing tissues from over training.

At PMST our blood-testing program can be used to predict small imbalances or even potential large and harmful imbalances before it actually becomes a disease process. The information from blood testing can improve cognition, mood, reduce the inflammatory processes as well as help heal tissues and other sports injuries much faster.

Blood testing can yield very detailed information about what exactly your body is doing on a chemical level. These tests can yield information regarding changes in life style, diet, sleep patterns, stress levels and deficiencies. These results allow you to address nutritional or hormonal deficiencies that can have catastrophic effects on an over trained athlete.

To find out more about our blood testing services and to schedule an appointment, contact our Plano location to set up your service today. Now through the end of November we are offering $25 off our IV Therapy! Contact our office today. 

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