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Recover With Purpose

Recover With Purpose

Performance Medicine & Sports Therapy (PMST) is now introducing The Recover with Purpose System (RPS). RPS is designed to combine the structural, functional, and corrective techniques for a faster recovery to you as the patient. PMST providers will implement RPS in order to get to the underlying cause of your injury. This ensures effective results and, most importantly, faster results to get you back in the game.

RPS is a phased approach to injury. We believe that injuries need to be treated in the correct sequence of order, on a comprehensive scale. We take every aspect into consideration when assessing an injury. A PMST provider will evaluate your needs and assess which phase you fit into. You will then be treated based on your real-time needs, ensuring that you are receiving the correct treatment at the correct time. 

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Performance Medicine & sports therapy – Relationship Phase Plano Texas
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