Massage Therapy

Sports Massage: Sports Massage is a more detailed deep-tissue massage therapy. The pressure used during your massage is set to your comfort level. The purpose of Massage therapy is to flush out the buildup of lactic acid that prevents full range of motion and to restore blood flow and mobility to trouble areas. Incorporating Sports Massage keeps your body less vulnerable to injury.  

Massages are often available before chiropractic appointments. Call our office to schedule your massage today.

Performance Massage Pricing & Memberships:

60 Minute Massage Club:

$75 per month, automatic debit at the beginning of each month. Any additional 1 hour massages will be at 10% off of our regular price. Unused massages will never expire, they will always roll over to the next month.

Club Member Perks:

Each 6 consecutive months you are in the program you will receive an hour complimentary!


Monday- 8:00 – 5:30

Tuesday -8:00 – 3:00

Wednesday -8:00 – 5:30

Thursday – 8:00 – 5:30

Friday – 7:00 – 2:00

Regular Prices:

$135 – 90 minutes

$85 – 60 minutes

$50 – 30 minutes

***Gratuity for your Massage Therapist is kindly appreciated