We offer a wide range of medical services that are listed below. Each are customized to fit the needs of each individual patient. Whether you are in need of a new Primary Care Practitioner, or are an athlete needing a tailored recovery program, we will meet any of your medical needs. Our services range from wellness exams, blood screenings and sick visits to in-office joint injections. For specific medical questions or concerns please call our office.

Dr. Khan

“Our focus is to build patients a detailed individualized profile tailed to their needs – whole body wellness – getting people feeling good and looking good”.

VIP Concierge Services

Our VIP Concierge coordinates any in-house and outside referrals you might need. Our office works with the best doctors in Dallas. Working with like-minded professionals helps keep our patients happy, and ensures our high level of care is continued even after you leave our office. Eliminate the frustration of calling around to find the right doctor and the baffling wait times. Let our VIP Concierge work with you to schedule your outside referrals.

Family Practice

General Wellness – Annual Physicals – Sick Visits – Flu/Strep Test

Full Prescription Care

Non Narcotic Pain – Antibotics – Metabolic Supplements – Wound Care

Blood Screening

Includes: Testosterone – Genetic Testing – Pre Cancer – Pregnancy – Diabetes

Sports Physicals

***All Primary Care Provider Needs***

Performance Wellness & Nutrition

IV Recovery – B-12 Injections – Weight Management – Nutrition Counseling

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone Therapy

Botox & Fillers

Free consultation, all injections done in office by medical provider.

Joint Injections

Ultrasound guided joint injections provided in office by our medical doctor.