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Acupuncture :: PMST DFW Area


What began in China centuries ago, has spread all over the world as athletes are turning to sports acupuncture to prevent injuries and to promote recovery when an injury is sustained. Sports acupuncture is used to improve healing time, relieve pain, increase muscle strength, mobility and stamina.

When an injury occurs, it disrupts the balance of the proprioceptive system, which allows the muscles to communicate with the brain. This in turn can cause the muscles to function improperly and can limit mobility or cause further injury. Sports acupuncture can balance and reset the muscles by restoring proper communication with the brain and nervous system, allowing for improved mobility, reduced pain and enhanced performance. 

By treating pain directly at the site, acupuncture helps to reduce pain, decrease inflammation, and increase mobility and strength.

Our athletes commonly use acupuncture for

• Tennis elbow
• Frozen shoulder
• Back pain
• Torn ligaments
• Tendonitis
• Arthritis
• Bursitis
• Sciatica
• Tight hamstrings
• Muscle strain
• Golfer’s shoulder
• Back Weakness
• Neck Stiffness
• Migraines 

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