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The New Standard For Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine.


Recover With Purpose DFW

About PMST

The new standard of sports medicine and physical therapy.

Located just off of the North tollway in Plano, Performance Medicine & Sports Therapy has truly redefined the standard of sports medicine and physical therapy. PMST is unlike anything else in the nation, and is now known as the premier comprehensive care facility for the professional athlete and weekend warrior alike. Embodying a multidisciplinary approach, our 15,000 square ft facility encompasses everything needed to recover and perform at the highest level. Our services include; physical therapy, primary care, sports chiropractic, strength training, recovery, orthopedic surgery, neurosurgery, pain management and much more. 

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PMST Core Values:
☑ Integrity
☑ Discipline
☑ Service 
☑ Hard Work
☑ Team Work

“Our focus is to build patients a detailed, individualized profile, tailored to their specific needs – whole body wellness – getting people feeling good and looking great”.

PMST Services

Performance Medicine & Sports Therapy offers a variety of services that can meet any individual’s needs. Our system incorporates knowledge and techniques from multiple disciplines in order to ensure that you achieve the best possible outcome. Check out the list of our services below, as we are sure to meet any or all of your needs.

We Accept Most Major Insurance Plans!

Treatment Philosophy

The new standard for sports medicine, physical therapy & performance enhancement.

Performance Medicine & SportsTherapy is DFW’s premier recovery, rehabilitation and training center for professional athletes and weekend warriors alike. By combining multiple medical disciplines, PMST encompasses every facet of sports medicine under one roof. Through our one-of-a-kind comprehensive care model, PMST ensures the ultimate in care and recovery - every time.

From injury to performance enhancement, our mission at PMST is to work in conjunction with each patient to provide comprehensive, non-invasive, quality healthcare that ultimately improves their quality of life and performance.

At PMST, we believe performance and the purpose behind that performance is everything. It is our belief that the majority of pain and musculoskeletal overuse injuries are a result of improper biomechanics. It is through this belief that our expert staff is able to work together to not only assess and prevent injury, but to do so in a manner that improves your long term performance and outcomes.  

The 4 Phases of PMST

The 4 Phases of PMST

1. The Discovery Phase

This phase starts the moment you make an appointment at PMST, and it involves two very important aspects:

A) What is going on? The correct diagnosis is crucial. It is the cornerstone of RPS. Answering this question gives valuable information to which part of the RPS model you fall into. The more precise this is, the quicker you are back in the game.

B) Pain management. We ensure we get your pain under control.

2. The Relationship Phase

Structure (bone) & Function (Muscle): The relationship between the body’s structure and functions is such that the two are intertwined. PMST providers look in-depth into what the body in doing, and they then analyze its movement. Structure is what most people think of as traditional chiropractic care. Structure looks at what the bones are doing, and if the joints are moving correctly (mechanics). This is where traditional chiropractic stops. Function then deals with the body’s soft tissue, making sure it too is functioning correctly. PMST providers have advanced training in many soft tissue techniques. Structure and function go hand-in-hand when treating injures. This approach results in consistently high outcomes, far superior to those obtained through traditional chiropractic care.

3. The Motor Control Phase

Injuries can cause certain muscles to shut down (inhibited), forcing other muscles to become overworked. This compensation pattern can create pain or tightness. A RPS provider will ensure the neuromuscular connections associated with your injury are firing. They will then provide you with some homework. Think of it as prep work for Phase 4.

Phase 4 The Final Phase


We take this phase very seriously, as it is the final step to getting the athlete or weekend warrior back in the game. Phase 4 is an individually tailored, customized program to fit your specific goals. This is based on a thorough examination, identifying your stability or strength impairments. In the SS phase, you will receive goal-oriented, sport-specific PT to get you back to optimal performance.

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In response to recent COVID-19 concerns, we are writing to assure our clients that we are taking recommended precautions. All treatment areas are constantly being disinfected.

All patients are required to wear masks at all times during their visit to our PMST locations.

We will remain OPEN for normal business hours.


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