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What Is Cryotherapy?

Full body cryotherapy provides a quick, 2-3 minute private session of whole body exposure to extreme low temperatures in a dry, contained, breathable air environment. Add in some music of your choice, colorful lights, and awesome fog from the cold, and it becomes a truly fun experience!  

Why Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy works by tricking the body into thinking it is in a state of hypothermia. When you step into the electric cryotherapy chamber, your body undergoes a major transformation. The temperature in the chamber is set to extreme lows of as little as -200F, and being in there for a few minutes will significantly reduce your whole-body temperature by around 30-40 degrees. Once exposed to this extreme cold temperature, your body goes into a “fight or flight” mode causing blood to rush from our extremities to our core, as this is our body’s natural way of protecting our core organs from extreme cold. This creates a systemic response throughout the body that produces a myriad of benefits, such as, but not limited to;

• Inflammation Reduction
• Chronic Pain Reduction
• Lymphatic System Stimulation
• Recovery From Exercise
• Joint Conditions
• Anxiety / Depression
• Enhanced Blood Flow
• Immune System Boost
• Psychological Benefits

How Often?

Best practice is for healthy, normal adults (and minors with doctors note) to practice whole body cryotherapy 3-5 times per week on a regular basis. It is important to maintain a constant regimen of cryotherapy and not just use it when you feel you need it or are injured as it is a continual recovery modality that helps the body stay healthy and even resist injuries and illness. Simply walk in whenever you need cryotherapy, and we will get you in and on your way! No waits and no unnecessary scheduling headaches.


Single Cryotherapy Session: $24.99
Unlimited Monthly Cryotherapy Membership: $129.99 

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