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Recovery Lounge

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Recovery :: PMST DFW Area


Open to all patients, our athletic recovery lounge offers unlimited access to top-of-the-line recovery products to ensure that your body gets the recovery it needs. Whenever your body feels worn down, stop by our recovery lounge and relax in one of our recliners, put on the Recovery Pump pneumatic compression boots, get hooked up to a vitamin IV bag, and enjoy a healthy drink or snack while reading or watching a show on our flat screen TV. Once completed, utilize the percussion massage gun or see one of our sports massage therapists, then jump into the Cryotherapy chamber or infrared sauna to minimize the inflammation in your body. One day at our Recovery Lounge is guaranteed to make you feel like you are ready to tackle the next workout. 

• Pneumatic Compression
• IV Therapy
• Sports Massage Therapy
• Cryotherapy
• Infrared Sauna
• Percussion Massage

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