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The New Standard For Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine.

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Recover With Purpose DFW

About PMST

The new standard of sports medicine and physical therapy.

Located just off of the North tollway in Plano, Performance Medicine & Sports Therapy has truly redefined the standard of sports medicine and physical therapy. PMST is unlike anything else in the nation, and is now known as the premier comprehensive care facility for the professional athlete and weekend warrior alike. Embodying a multidisciplinary approach, our 15,000 square ft facility encompasses everything needed to recover and perform at the highest level. Our services include; physical therapy, primary care, sports chiropractic, strength training, recovery, orthopedic surgery, neurosurgery, pain management and much more.

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PMST Core Values:
☑ Integrity
☑ Discipline
☑ Service 
☑ Hard Work
☑ Team Work

“Our focus is to build patients a detailed, individualized profile, tailored to their specific needs – whole body wellness – getting people feeling good and looking great”.

PMST Services

Performance Medicine & Sports Therapy offers a variety of services that can meet any individual’s needs. Our system incorporates knowledge and techniques from multiple disciplines in order to ensure that you achieve the best possible outcome. Check out the list of our services below, as we are sure to meet any or all of your needs.

The Four Phases Of Recovery

The 4 Phases of PMST

1. Evaluation - Phase 1 – You Are Here

At your initial 45–75-minute evaluation, your doctor will assess everything required to determine the cause of your ailment and assemble a plan of action to rectify your ailment as quickly as possible. This plan will include clear progress indicators and expectations, so you know exactly what to expect from your recovery. As we are a multidisciplinary clinic, your provider may recommend other providers in our facility collaborate in your care if this will help to improve your outcomes or recovery time.

• Evaluate The Ailment & Secondary Issues
• Diagnose The Cause of the Ailment
• Establish The Treatment Plan & Expectations
• Evaluate The Need for Other Services

      o Imaging
      o Blood Work
      o Primary Care
      o Hormone Therapy
      o Massage Therapy
      o Chiropractic Care
      o Orthopedic Consult
      o Neurological Consult
      o Cryotherapy
      o Dietician / Meal Services
      o Recovery Services

2. Treatment – Phase 2

While the duration of your treatment plan will vary based on your ailment and other factors, the treatment phase is where you begin to overcome your ailment. During your treatment plan, your doctor(s) will utilize the hands-on therapies and exercises necessary to reduce your pain, enhance mobility and restore function. Your doctor(s) will review your progress with you regularly and may prescribe at home exercises to further decrease your recovery time.

• Implement Treatment Plan
• Improve Strength In Affected Area(s)
• Improve Mobility
• Reduce & Eliminate Pain
• Regain Ability To Perform Daily Activities
• Therapies That May Be Used:

      o Therapeutic Exercise
      o Stretching
      o Functional Mobility
      o Soft Tissue Manipulation
      o Joint Mobilization & Manipulation
      o Cupping
      o Graston
      o Active Release Technique (ART)
      o Adjustments
      o Dry Needling

3. Bridge – Phase 3

One of the most common mistakes made by physical therapy clinics is discharging you before you have reached full functional abilities, which puts you at an increased risk of re-injury. Just because you are no longer in pain does not necessarily mean you are ready to return to full capacity. Once you finish your treatment plan, it is imperative to continue to strengthen the affected area in order to minimize this risk. This phase is a huge part of why our patients get the best outcomes and is key to preventing re-injury.

• Work Hand-in-hand with DPT & Strength Trainer
• Adhere to injury specific protocols
• Set The Foundation For More Advanced Movements
• Increase Endurance & strength of the Affected Areas
• Increase Force dissipation and absorption

Return To Performance – Phase 4

Now that you’ve overcome your injury – it's time to improve your performance! Take your strengthening from the injured area to full body with sport and activity specific strength and conditioning. It’s now time to become the athlete you have always wanted to be and perform at the highest level.

• Sport / Activity Specific Strengthening
• Enhance Strength, Conditioning & Overall Performance
• Further Reduce Risk Of Re-Injury
• Return to play / Normal performance
• Return From Non-contact to Contact
• Fitness Boot-Camps
• Functional Mobility
• Speed & Agility Classes

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Treatment Philosophy

The new standard for sports medicine, physical therapy & performance enhancement.

Performance Medicine & SportsTherapy is DFW’s premier recovery, rehabilitation and training center for professional athletes and weekend warriors alike. By combining multiple medical disciplines, PMST encompasses every facet of sports medicine under one roof. Through our one-of-a-kind comprehensive care model, PMST ensures the ultimate in care and recovery - every time.

From injury to performance enhancement, our mission at PMST is to work in conjunction with each patient to provide comprehensive, non-invasive, quality healthcare that ultimately improves their quality of life and performance.

At PMST, we believe performance and the purpose behind that performance is everything. It is our belief that the majority of pain and musculoskeletal overuse injuries are a result of improper biomechanics. It is through this belief that our expert staff is able to work together to not only assess and prevent injury, but to do so in a manner that improves your long term performance and outcomes.  

We Accept Most
Major Insurance Plans!

Blue Cross Blue Shield
United Healthcare
Patient History

Our Patient History!

• Over 20k patients helped
• Over 1k 5-Star Reviews

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